Here’s How Your Choice of Footwear Can Help Save The Earth

Here’s How Your Choice of Footwear Can Help Save The Earth

There are so many ways you can take part in preserving the planet. Shifting to a sustainable lifestyle, reducing plastic waste, and conserving energy resources, are just some of the things you can do to make the planet a better place to live in. Even something as simple as supporting eco-friendly clothing or footwear brands makes a big impact as the fashion industry remains to be a major contributor to the growing rate of non-decaying waste yearly.

To further address this alarming global crisis and encourage more people to make sustainable choices, Res|Toe|Run launched Greens Selections, a sustainability campaign featuring a curated menu of sustainable footwear selections and shoe care essentials that allows you to be part of brands’ quest to save the planet. For every purchase from brands under the Greens Selections, here’s how you can help save the Earth one footwear at a time:


1. Push for “greener” alternatives with Birkenstock.

These days, brands like Birkenstock, are putting out eco-friendly versions of their classic pairs. Their vegan collection features 100% animal-friendly pairs, with footbeds made of 100% natural cork and latex. Choosing these sustainable alternatives could make footwear brands see the need for more
planet-positive products, reassess their sustainability efforts, and encourage others to follow in their footsteps.



2. Be part of planet-saving innovations like Native.

It’s not always enough that brands’ efforts are only earth-friendly; it has to be earth-saving. Native revolutionizes the sustainable practices of the footwear industry by creating the Bloom collection, which features footwear made of repurposed algae they swept from lakes. Your well-loved Native shoes, in time, can also be repurposed and be given new life in projects across the community–making you part of their innovative life-cycling projects. Through this, you’d walk away with your Native shoes that feel light on your feet and on the planet.



3. Help give new life to repurposed wastes with SAOLA.

The use of recycled and organic resources allows brands to convert wastes into planet-saving products. With SAOLA, you’re giving new life to pairs that are made out of recycled plastic bottles and algae foam, natural cork, and organic cotton. SAOLA also gives back to nature as each pair of shoes saves half as much water needed versus a traditional pair, cleans lakes of harmful algae, and prevents the release of CO2 into the atmosphere through their use of algae foam – helping preserve a cleaner and fresher environment for us and other living organisms.



4. Reduce harmful wastes through sustainable solutions like Hey Dude.

Packaging is the most wasteful thing in the retail industry and this is why we need brands like Hey Dude that find cool ways to incorporate sustainability in their manufacturing and packaging processes. Aside from making their insoles from cork, uppers from organic cotton, and recycling plastics and leather, they made a percentage of their packaging from cornstarch so it naturally decays over time. Imagine if all brands do this, you’d open up to a fresh box of shoes, guilt-free ‘cause won’t harm the environment in the future.



5. Give back to nature through planet-saving missions with Reef.

By supporting these sustainable brands, you’re also taking part in their purposeful mission. With beaches playing an important part in our well-being, Reef committed themselves to keep our oceans clean—bringing over 100,000 volunteers for beach cleanups and environmental legislations that push plastic pollution initiatives. Through the years, Reef has removed 850,000 pounds of trash from our natural waters. So for every purchase you make from Reef, you’ll not only have a pair of comfy footwear but also cleaner oceans to swim in—a win-win, indeed!



Making small changes in our everyday lives can make a big difference. And now that a lot of brands are putting more effort into making their products sustainable, it’s up to every one of us to also make greener choices. Check out sustainable pairs at the Greens Selection page or in all Res|Toe|Run stores nationwide.

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