It’s finally 2023! It’s not every day that we get to welcome another year and celebrate the new beginning that comes with it. And with pandemic restrictions good as gone, this year is looking to be an extra special one as you all prepare for the bigger goals you’re set to achieve—be it for travel or career.

For sure, you’re already longing for your planned weekend vacations and preparing your best return-to-office OOTDs. It’s just fitting that you start this year with new footwear that can spice up your wardrobe and empower you to design your best life. After all, a new look always inspires a positive disposition that allows us to achieve more in life.

This 2023, we’re now serving these six delightful pairs that will make great additions to your collection as you start afresh:

1. Strikingly-beautiful, iridescent sandals

You can never go wrong with a pair of Birkenstock sandals; and their new Iridescent Shine collection is just about what you need for a bright and colorful year. Carrying the signature timeless Birkenstock silhouettes, these pairs feature silky sheen straps that sparkle in all colors of the rainbow.
Exclusively available here in both Arizona and Madrid styles.

2. Soft faux suede sandals

You gotta admit: the past few years have been bumpy. Life can use some sparkle and glitter and these Holster Ivy sandals can give exactly that. This 100% vegan-certified pair is not only the most stylish, but also the most comfortable for your feet. Available in gray and black

3. Jelly sandals adorned with acrylic jewels

If you’re feeling a little extra this year, this pair of Superglam sandals—also from Holster—is for you. It's flattering and stunning style is perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re running errands, going on a date, or even partying at night, you can count on this pair to cradle your foot all day. Available in tan and black.

4. Lightweight, waterproof wedges

Prepare early and get the only summer shoe essential you need: the Waikiki Wedge. This pair will complete your vacations or staycations as you soak up the sun wearing shimmering wedges that won’t ever slip. Holster designed this to be the ultimate footwear that wows for your 2023 travels. Not only is it lightweight and 100% waterproof, it also has air-foam injection that relieves pressure from feet—features you can never go wrong with for your long summer walks and adventures. Available in clear glitter.

5. Chic leather-like slides

These back-to-office Yara slides from Rockport are a must-have for the go-getters. Its classy fit easily brings a satisfying appeal to anything you wear; whether it’s a dress, a maxi skirt, or a pair of shorts. It has a smooth and soft finish that looks like leather but is a hundred percent animal-friendly—all in all a great asset for your striking looks this year! Available in vanilla, black, and picante.

6. Easy on-and-off pair of loafers

Made for laid back, on-the-go men, these Tucker Venetian loafers from Rockport will take you on errands, in the office, and through the park with its crush-back design that gives you the flexibility to wear it as slip-ons or slides. It’s instantly a refreshing take on comfort if you’re getting a little tired of your favorite sneakers and are looking for a pair you can take off hands-free. Available in new dress blues and steel grey

Step into the new year with new footwear that can make you feel your best and motivate you to achieve your goals this year. Shop for these pairs online or go to a Res|Toe|Run store near you to grab new footwear. Happy 2023!

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