Pitas was created in 2015 in the Asturias, in the north of Spain, by a family who have been creating clothing and footwear for over 100 years. 
Walk in Pitas is  focused on developing the most comfortable, original and functional shoes for active everyday wear.

A Riot of Color

Inspired by the rainbow, playful and comfortable shoes are Pitas’ hallmark by using color combinations to create a sense of rhythm and fun. Pitas are pure happiness for your feet at any time of the year.


Once you try Pitas, you won't want to wear any other shoes. The starting point of its design process is always the same: that the resulting shoes will be extremely comfortable by incorporating extra light EVA soles, Memory Foam insoles and natural materials.


Natural Simplicity 

Pitas will become an essential part of your life, resisting passing trends. Pitas shoes are essential for its simplicity and  attention to detail. You can wear your Pitas wherever you are, whenever you want.
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