The Greens Selection: The Recipe to Sustainability

The Greens Selection: The Recipe to Sustainability

Over the past decades, the unsustainable practices of the fashion industry resulted in a bloating landfill of non-recyclable plastics and non-decaying packaging materials.

As one of the biggest planet pollutants, the fashion industry cuts down approximately 120 million trees and consumes 79 billion cubic meters of water every year to make our clothes. According to research, the industry will take away 115 million hectares of forest lands by 2030 and dump 22 million tons of microfibers into our oceans forever by 2050.

But that’s not the end of it.

If we specifically look at the footwear segment of the industry, we’ll see that 35% of materials used to manufacture a pair of traditional shoes go straight to waste. This, and the 300 million pairs of shoes that get discarded in landfills every year, results in massive damage to the world we live in.

It takes a village—no, the entire world population—to solve a problem as big as this. Thankfully, the past two years changed our relationship with style and footwear. Little by little, we’ve become more conscious and intentional of our actions. The pandemic intensified our craving for tangible change and put our focus on things that matter. We’re now taking steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle to create a better planet.


Now Serving: The Greens Selection

If you are looking for ways to inject—or continue practicing—sustainability in your life, one of the simplest things you can do is to invest in shoes that are not only durable and stylish but also put priority on reducing their environmental footprint.



This is the recipe we used to curate Res|Toe|Run’s Greens Selection, a collection of footwear and shoe care essentials made with eco-friendly materials from brands guided by planet-saving advocacies. Ultimately, this selection aims to make a positive impact to preserve our planet.

ne of these is SAOLA Shoes which made eco-construction the core of their products. Take their Sequoia Slip Ons for example. It’s entirely made from sustainable materials: recycled plastic bottles for the uppers, algae foam for the outsoles, natural cork for the insoles, and organic cotton for laces.


Portuguese flip-flops brand ASPORTUGUESAS has also been uniquely sustainable since the very beginning. Globally, they are the first to use 100% cork, a natural CO2 retainer, in their manufacturing process. This allowed them to produce a negative carbon footprint and source raw materials without cutting a single tree.


Inooknit is also committed to reducing waste and protecting the environment. All their products, including their Glint and Adventure Loafers, are made from yarn that is either recycled polyester, collagen bionic, or snowy. This allows them to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and water pollution by up to 50%

adventure-loafer-mens.jpg glint-womens.jpg

To keep our oceans healthy, classic favorite Tretorn, through their Eco Essentials innovation, also serves the Ocean Net Collection. Using regenerated nylon from fishing nets and consumer plastics, they created Nylite Ocean Net sneakers rain-proof with recycled and natural rubbers.

nylite-ocean-net-women.jpg tournament-low-ocean-net-men.jpg

There’s also lifestyle care brand DFNS whose footwear cleaner and refresher products are water-based and plant-based. Their Airopack® technology allows their aerosol sprays to remain free of harmful chemicals, making it safer for you and the planet.

 Footwear ProtectorSanitizing Hand Cream

The selection also features eco-friendly and vegan-friendly shoes, slippers, and sneakers from Native, Freewaters, Hey Dude, and Ccilu. You can also expect footwear from environment-friendly brands including Birkenstock, Holster, Reef, and Rockport, who are also committed to being a solution in our fight against climate change.

Through Res|Toe|Run’s Greens Selection, we aim to let you expand your comfort zone and wear sustainable footwear that will make you live more sustainably with every step. With our planet’s current situation, our need for less wasteful fashion has never been greater. It’s time to satisfy it with Res|Toe|Run—and it’s time to do it now.

Know more about the Greens Selections by visiting this page

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