Trifecta Mens Brown

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Gender :Mens

- Water friendly webbing. Waterproof velcro. Supreem Foam. Vegan.n
- Strap in! Additional adjustable velcro strap allows for a more secure and custom fit.n
- Straps made with E-Dye. Uses less water, less chemicals, producess less CO2 emmissions. n
- Contoured EVA midsole cradles foot while adding extra comfort.n
- Sandals with arch support? Yes please!n
- Supreem foam for lightweigh all-day comfort and stability. Made from recycled EVA foam rubber.n
- Deep Groove outsole provides powerful traction and improves flex while walking.

The Trifecta looks different right? We wanted a sandal with excellent stability and clean rugged looks that work equally well in town and at the trailhead. So we gave fully sculpted support with Supreem Foam and adjustable fit with an easy velcro strap. Next we made it easy to slide in & out of without the hassle of a heel strap. How far will you roam?